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KHARONO 苀ang萍蚪


KHARONO international fashion brand. It belongs to Singapore Kharono Kangaroo International Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing global customers with value-for-money mid-to-high-end international brand products. In order to expand the international market, the KHARONO brand quickly deployed more than 60 mid-to-high-end international markets such as Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the European Union, and established Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China in 2006 Senwei Leather Co., Ltd. is responsible for product production. In 2012, Beijing Ruizhe Shangpin Leather Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing, China as a product design and marketing center. In the same year, Tmall official flagship store was opened on In just a few years, the brand has been greatly recognized by the market. In 2014, the brand launched a minimalist style shoulder bag, which quickly detonated the market with its excellent quality and high cost performance, thanks to strict quality control and Sincere service, it will still be a legendary item in the leather men's bag market until 2020. The brand was initiated by KHARONO fashion studio, inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, from material selection to design to production and sales, every detail is controlled throughout, and it strives to express a unique and ultimate brand experience。


Brand style

shi尚 简约 经dian

Fashion simple classic


Brand concept

自由 huoli ye性 benfang

责任 激情 智hui 能量

Freedom vitality wildness

Responsibility passion wisdom energy

产 品 诉 求

Product demand


To provide global customers with very affordable mid-range and high-end international brand products。

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KHARONO 苀ang屏粞

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